Servicing Central Texas

Electrical / computer diagnostic / fire damage/ electrical shorts, opens /  ECM / wiring harness


I fix cars, trucks, boats, RVs, tractors, motorcycles, and tractor trailers. I can handle electrical issues, fire damage, or insurance repair mistakes. When you're sick of unprofessional mechanics, contact me anytime for a price quote.
You'll receive a guaranteed, unquestionable diagnostic on most vehicles. I will never give you an "if", "maybe", or “I think it might be”.

Please Note:
  • I accept credit cards, PayPal, rare coins, electronics, tools, building materials. some bulk foods, etc.
  • I do not take checks from brand new customers, only repeat customers.
  • I am open to payment by barter, ITEX, Alamo Barter, etc.
  • I do not make free service calls "in my spare time".
Additional Fees Apply...
  • For work on a vehicle over a non-paved surface. (Dirt, grass, mud, gravel, water...)
  • For work outside of loop 1604, except for Universal City, Windcrest, Cibilo, Live Oak & Selma.
  • For unwanted "helpers".
  • If somone has changed out countless parts on the vehicle, hoping to stumble upon the ONE part that's causing problems, but in the process, has made my job much harder by introducing an unknown number of additional variables.
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